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About Baxbox

With a career spanning nearly three decades, I am a seasoned photographer and a self-taught technologist who has seamlessly blended art with technology. My journey began as an artist, fueled by a profound appreciation for Art History and Technology, which laid the foundation for my diverse skill set.

My expertise extends to being a software engineer and an IT executive, where I have applied my technical acumen to various innovative projects. I've been at the forefront of creating interactive websites, native platform software, Google Chrome Extensions, CD-ROMs, mobile apps, Alexa skills, and Roku channels, showcasing my versatility in digital mediums.

Being a quick adopter of custom ChatGPT and Ai solutions, my work reflects a deep understanding of its potential to revolutionize communication and information technology. My expertise is further exemplified in my authorship of a children's book and the creation of numerous journals and creative writing books. These works are a testament to my commitment to nurturing imaginative creativity in young minds.

Join me in intertwining the realms of art and technology, crafting experiences that are both innovative and deeply rooted in artistic expression.


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